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F lifestyle-bay

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Introducing F lifestyle-bay, by the world's leading fashion and lifestyle media brand....

A mall establishes the worth for many names, which signifies their brand through their presence setting their stand and limelight in the eye of the customers. But, as a specially curated isle in the name of fashion and lifestyle in the form of F-Lifestyle Bay, is an initiative to gather the top best-selling lifestyle brands, only elevating and enhancing their brand value.



Curated Selection Of International Brands

The meticulously selected choice of lifestyle brands that aim to deliver a complete luxurious experience ranging from every essential to highend need.

Captivating Experience

An isle specifically designed and allocated, with stores followed up one after the other to create a captivating experience for the buyer and the developer.

Oasis Of Fashion TV

Under one name, comes many. An oasis of invention and discovery with and by a name such as F-Lifestyle Bay, making it a sanctuary for the best of brands.

An Exclusive Collaboration

Everything that falls under Fashion and Lifestyle only, making it a collaboration that paves the way for growth and elevation.


Pre Requisite

FTV Real Estate sites will be located in prime and commodious locations where aesthetics matters, convenience and luxury being the emphasis of the origin of FTV, these are establishments that aim to serve clients for a lifetime.

All licences must be able to show strong financial backing to ensure the success of the business.

All licences must have attractions and likings towards the desired industry of convenience and luxury and a love for providing people with the lifestyle they buy into.

Rich, famous and successful

F branding

Brand Support

FashionTV gives 360-degree support to all our franchise partners. We help in all aspects ranging from location, architecture, and staff recruitment to PR launch plans, social media marketing, auditing, cross-marketing and more. Strategic planning which is very important for the success of any business is worked on extensively by our team and franchise partners.


The scope and space for real estate can get as far as you wish to. Join in on our quest to conquer the world with our luxury-enhanced projects now. Download the kits below for a better understanding of how we work and what’s next for us.

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