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F business-deck

F branding

Introducing F business-deck, by the world's leading fashion and lifestyle media brand....

Conglomerate spaces, busy environments and hustle-supportive interiors with facilities that make coming to work full of gratitude. F-Business deck signifies excellence through design, opulence, transparency and indulgent working that only enables success and a higher revenue through multiple sources.



Motivation-Driven Designs

The number one reason people step foot or even sign up to work in a business environment is due to its culture when it comes to designs, aesthetics and the energy it brings. Ace the foundation of a successful business space with F-Business Deck.

Complete Facilital Experience

From hospitality to services that include the likes of an in-house cafeteria, mini after-work bars, business lunches and tracks that allow a full restorative vibe.

Spacious and Beautiful Office Spaces

From cabins, to meeting rooms, and transitional spaces covered in glass, grass and everything in between - the idea of elevating working and conquering the complete external value of your office space is here.

Inclusive Wellness and Recreational Spots

Standing out from the rest of the business parks, FTV Business Deck includes Wellness spaces such as Gyms, Yoga sessions and tracks with gardens and stroll-worthy spots engraved within.


Pre Requisite

FTV Real Estate sites will be located in prime and commodious locations where aesthetics matters, convenience and luxury being the emphasis of the origin of FTV, these are establishments that aim to serve clients for a lifetime.

All licences must be able to show strong financial backing to ensure the success of the business.

All licences must have attractions and likings towards the desired industry of convenience and luxury and a love for providing people with the lifestyle they buy into.

Rich, famous and successful

F branding

Brand Support

FashionTV gives 360-degree support to all our franchise partners. We help in all aspects ranging from location, architecture, and staff recruitment to PR launch plans, social media marketing, auditing, cross-marketing and more. Strategic planning which is very important for the success of any business is worked on extensively by our team and franchise partners.


The scope and space for real estate can get as far as you wish to. Join in on our quest to conquer the world with our luxury-enhanced projects now. Download the kits below for a better understanding of how we work and what’s next for us.

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