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Value Enhancer


While the name Fashion TV raises a sense of immense nostalgia, the brand value of the company has always been on its highest peak. Malls or Outlet Malls has been a huge contributor towards the real estate and fashion business which increases and enhances experiences and value to each consumer.
PSF Value Enhancer enables developers to establish and build FTV outlets through a VIP treatment that enables reserving chic spots throughout the mall in advance in comparison to other luxe-brands.
These FTV franchises such as Cafe, Bar, Lounges and even Salons enter the array with its Flagship Franchise Models that creates value and more recognition in the eyes of the buyer and experiencer and thereby elevating the brand in the international market and real estate space as well.



Increased Brand Value

With FTV being amongst the top brands in the world, this gives the brand a chance to shine with and provide an exhilarating experience to the shoppers.

One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Shopping in an array creates a luxury feel which is only attainable in certain countries, with this idea in India is sure to provide an authentic and special experience to those who visit the stores.

Luxury Brands & FTV

The mix of shopping and food centres from cafes, bars, and lounges makes it stand out with other luxury brands and gives it a high-end aesthetic vibe which competes with the established brands.


The reach of fashion and luxury services has been on a constant hike and while the demand and supply chain for more fashion products has been kept up with since years, it has been seeing more and better ways to enhance this experience for its consumers.

In India, the overall fashion market demand is expected to cross 300 Billion $ by 2030, while FashionTV India contributes around 14.2M$ currently. This is expected to grow in the coming years giving a boost to the company's market standing as well as the Fashion and F&B industry.


The scope and space for real estate can get as far as you wish to. Join in on our quest to conquer the world with our luxury-enhanced projects now. Download the kits below for a better understanding of how we work and what’s next for us.