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The need to live an exceptional lifestyle combining the satisfaction of both business and personal life is a win in all aspects. That is where Fashion TV’s Real Estate expertise walks in, covering walks of life ranging from Residential, Commercial and Business with a dedication to transfigure the luxury lifestyle industry in the nation.

Fashion TV’s presence around the world with the finest developments are a landmark for the top developers to showcase and elevate the lifestyle of the residents and visitors. With awe-inspiring and modernistic yet breathtaking interiors with facilities that attract, we are the new change in this field.



Characteristics that make us stand out from the crowd, an elevation of the finest and alluring definitions of luxury. Our features are what differentiates and enables the world to look at us with a beautiful lens.

We know that values matter. Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are the core elements that we abide by. We only succeed when we have done a good enough job for you.

Our commitment and adherence to excellence are converting millions of square feet in the nation into gated communities, premium townships, and standalone landmarks along with commercial and leisure spaces.

FashionTV believes ideas form the cornerstones of buildings. Bricks and mortar are merely the blocks that help effectuate them

Three important factors when buying a property or estate are Location, Location and Location which is at the epitome of Fashion TV Real Estate characteristics. The stunning location, open space and great connectivity are just the tip of the iceberg of ftv real estate grandeur.


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Just how cryptocurrency took over the world, when at once it was an idea that was known by a very few. FTV Real Estates is a project that is up and coming with establishments that will one day see dominance in the real estate sector.

Early partaking in these establishments will enable exclusive returns and recognition in the world. With FTV , these projects are designed and established with an idea and goal of maximising user experience and enhancing lifestyles that makes way for more developments to occur in the near future.

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